Lc. C.G. Roebling var. coerulea 'Beechview' AM/AOS – Fragrant

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Lc. C.G. Roebling var. coerulea 'Beechview' AM/AOS - 

A beautiful primary hybrid between Cattleya gaskelliana and Laelia purpurata. Large light blue-white flowers with an indigo blue colored tubular lip. Can bloom non stop from July until December. Very easy to grow indoor or outdoor in frost free weather. Keep them moist from Spring to Fall. Reduce water in the winter. These are divisions from awarded mother plant. A must have for Cattleya Lovers!

Pot Size: 5" – 8" pot - 3 bulbs & 6 bulbs divisions available
Blooming Size: YES, Summer – Winter
Fragrant: Yes
Temp: warm - Intermediate - Cool
Humidity: 50%-70%
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist but can be dry out between watering
Fertilizer: Every watering with half teaspoon 20-20-20 from Spring to Fall.

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