Giant Grammatophyllum scriptum variety citrinum – Super Fragrant

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These giant super fragrant green Grammatophyllum scriptum variety citrinum are easy to grow if given enough water and fertilizer.  They increase in size rapidly if re-potted into larger containers. Be aware, that like all orchids they only have so much strength per year for growing and flowers. Re-potting rapidly will make larger plants faster but possibly will cause the plant to skip flowering for a year.  They have a tendency to drop leaves if grown too cool over the winter, but recover rapidly when growing season starts.  They like high sunlight to set flowers.  Flower inflorescences will normally have 80-100 flowers from 3-4 inches each. One AOS awarded plant had 32 inflorescences and 3670 flowers. Most of these Grammatophylum scriptum variety citrinum have at least 3 spikes. 

As of mid-July 2020 these are in shorter spike and much easier to ship safely! 
DO NOT WAIT! Grammatophylum scriptum variety citrinum will look spectacular when flowers open in August. 

Pot Size: overgrown in 6" - 10" pot
Fragrant: Yes 
Blooming Size: YES, in spikes in July
Bloom Season: Summer 
Temp: Warm - Intermediate
Humidity: 50%-70%
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist 
Fertilizer: Every week with half strength 20-20-20 from Spring to Fall