Fragrant Yellow – Vanda tessellata x Vanda Charles Goodfellow

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Vanda tessellata x Vanda Charles Goodfellow – A nice plant with 4" yellow, gold fragrant flowers can bloom 3-4 times a year. You can grow it in a 4" basket, bare root if you have high humidity and water them daily. Or you can plant it in a 6" baskets with moss or clay pot with extra large New Zealand bark. This will keep moisture around the roots so you don't have to water daily.


Pot size: Large plant in 4" basket 
Fragrant: Yes
Color(s): Yellow Gold
Bloom: Blooming size
Plant tall: 16"– 24" not including roots
Temperature: Intermediate-Warm 
Light Level: Medium-High
Water: Keep moist and can be dry out between watering
Fertilizer: Heavy feeder. Often 2 - 3 times a week
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer, Fall