Encyclia radiata – Species – Fragrant

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Fragrant Encyclia radiata (Anacheilium radiatum or Prosthechea radiata) – Mexican species, in spikes and multiple growths. It is a small to medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte, which reaching 8 - 14 inches in height. You will enjoy many long lasting 1.25" flowers for many weeks. These Encyclia can last up to 12 weeks in an intermedia to cool condition. They are easy to grow in the same condition of Cattleya at your windows or outside under patio or shade. Reduced water in the cold Winter.

Pot Size: 5" pot
Fragrant: Yes 
Blooming Size: YES, 
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer & Fall
Temp: Warm - Intermediate - Cool
Humidity: 50%-70%
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist but can be dry out between watering
Fertilizer: Every week with half strength 20-20-20 from Spring to Fall