Dendrobium tobaense variety giganteum AM/AOS – Beautiful – Rare Species

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Rare species Dendrobium tobaense var. giganteum AM/AOS. This particular form is the giganteum type with much larger flowers (4" – 4.25"). This nigro-hirsute (black haired) plant has incredible flowers that have a yellow, cream background overlaid in green striping. The complex lip has two horns at the top pointing towards the column. The lip is cream colored with red orange striping and has a pointed tongue with an orange base and a yellow tip. The flower also has a very nice fragrance and is long-lasting. It can bloom multiple times a year.

Grow in intermediate to warm conditions and medium light. Water as the potting mix approaches dryness. This is our favorite Dendrobium and very special for orchid lovers.

Pot Size: 4" pot.
Plant are about 10"-18" tall with multiple canes
Blooming Size: YES  – from Spring to Winter
Temp: Intermediate to warm
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist (Reduce water in winter) 
Humidity: High

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