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Dendrobium Green Lantern 'Red Carpet' (Den. Dawn Maree × Den. cruentum) A Formosae type hybrid, flowers directly on the cane, typically in pairs or clusters. Blooms are creamy to light green with a red-orange throat, and long-lasting.

The canes of this variety are naturally semi-pendulous when not staked or tied upright. Bear this in mind as the new growth emerges. Staking or allowing the growths to cascade is simply a matter of preference since the new growth will be self-supporting.

Orchid Care: Grow in bright, diffused light. Keep moist in spring and summer while plants are actively growing. If potted in an open mix that drains freely and does not easily saturate, you can easily grow them alongside your Vandas, watering daily. Reduce watering somewhat during the cooler months, but plants are evergreen* and do not require a dry rest. Plants should be tight in their pots.

*Note: Although this is not a deciduous variety, some leaf drop is normal, particularly in response to stress. It is common for the canes on Formosae-type Dens like this one to shed a few leaves after shipping. Just give them a good watering and protect from extremes (e.g. in terms of light and heat) while they acclimate to your growing space.

Pot Size: large plant over grown in 3" pot, ready for 4" pot.
Plant are about 10"-16" tall
Blooming Size: YES
Bloom Season: Spring – Fall
Temp: Cool – Intermediate – Cool (50º–85ºF)
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist (fairly dry during winter)
Light Level: Low light, shade
Fertilizer: Every watering with half strength of 20-20-20 in Spring – Fall
Air circulation: medium

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