Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata fma. Roxo-Violeta – Fragrant!

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Cattleya (Brazilian Laelia) purpurata probably is the best Cattleya species in our collection! This variety Roxo–Violeta has excellent shape, substance, texture and contrasting flush pink and violet lipEach spike can produce up to 6 showy flowers stand up very well and can last up to 4, 5 weeks in cool weather from May until August. This is the first time release a division of our mother plant. Very rare and you will enjoy their sweet fragrant. Special for Cattleya Lovers and advanced growers!

Pot Size: 6" pot
Blooming Size: YES, Summer bloom
Fragrant: Yes
Temp: warm - Intermediate - Cool
Humidity: 50%-70%
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist but can be dry out between watering