Vanda Somsri Glory 'Blue' – Non-Stop Bloomer

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Vanda Somsri Glory 'Blue' is a nearly non-stop bloomer with true blue of the Vanda hybrids. Flowers have slight tessellation and very striking color! This large plant is at least 18 years old and this is the second time it bloomed this year, this spike starting from the beginning of July. 

Watering of this vandaceous must be done with care to prevent water from remaining in the crowns (top leaves), a condition that can cause crown rot. Watering should be regular, everyday, allow the roots to dry a bit between watering. 

Or you can plant it in a 6" baskets with moss or clay pot with extra large New Zealand bark. This will keep moisture around the roots so you don't have to water daily.

Pot size: Large plant in 4" hanging basket 
Color(s): Medium purple blue
Blooming size: YES in Spring-Summer- Fall
Plant size: 18"– 24" not including roots
Temperature: Warm – Intermediate
Light Level: Medium - High light
Water: Keep moist and can be slightly dry out between watering
Fertilizer: Heavy feeder. Often 2 - 3 times a week
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer, Fall