Vanda Pakchong Blue – 3 feet tall

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Vanda Pakchong Blue (V. Doctor Anek x V. coerulea) are reaching to 3 feet tall in clay pots. They are gorgeous with 1 to 3 spikes! This Vanda produces lovely blue flowers. Both the parents are different shades of blue, the blue strain from coerulea makes this hybrid very much in demand. An easy bloomer, loves a lot of light and water.
Vanda orchid must not be allowed to dry out entirely. Saturate the roots with water overtime you water, that means the roots should turn green and retain a drop of water at the tip. Watering of this Vandas must be done with care to prevent water from remaining in the crowns (top leafs), a condition that can cause crown rot. 

Pot size: 6" clay pot 
Color(s): Dark Purple, large flowers
Blooming size: YES in spikes (July – August)
Bloom Season: Summer, Fall

Plant size: 28"– 36" not including roots
Temperature: Intermedia – Warm (50º – 85º)
Light Level: Medium - High
Water: Keep moist 
Fertilizer: Heavy feeder. Often 2 - 3 times a week