Vanda Katsuura 'Rich Pink'

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Vanda Katsuura 'Rich Pink' (Beebe Sumner x Rothschildiana)  – A vibrant hot pink Vanda that will flower throughout the year on tall graceful inflorescences. The rich pink color is occasionally tessellated with lighter pink thanks to the Vanda coerulea influence. 
You can grow it in a 4" basket, bare root if you have high humidity and water them daily. 

Or you can plant it in a 6" baskets with moss or clay pot with extra large New Zealand bark. This will keep moisture around the roots so you don't have to water daily. 

Pot size: Large plant in 4" basket 
Color(s): Magenta, Pink
Bloom: Blooming size
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer, Fall 
Plant size: 14"– 18" not including roots
Temperature: Intermediate-Warm-Hot
Light Level: Medium-High 
Humidity: 60%-90% 
Water: Keep moist and can be dry out between watering 
Fertilizer: Heavy feeder. Often 2 - 3 times a week