Vanda foetida – Rare Species

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Vanda foetida – Found in southern Sumatra. 
Large sized epiphyte with an erect stem carrying many strap-shaped, fleshy, tough, shiny grey-green, tridentate apically leaves that blooms in the summer on an erect, much shorter than the leaves, to 3.2 (8 cm) long, 2 to 3 flowered inflorescence carrying wide open, fleshy, creosote scented flowers.

Rare species of great ornamental value in spite of the smell, actually not pleasant, emitted by its flowers, requires a very luminous exposition, even some hours of direct sun in the morning, high temperature in Summer 77º – 89ºF, slightly cooler in Winter value not under 55º F, high humidity 70 – 85% and air constantly in slight movement.

Daily abundant waterings and nebulization of the roots in Summer, in particular for the plants with bare root, but without stagnations, more spaced in Winter. Using rainwater, demineralized or by reverse osmosis at ambient temperature. Weekly fertilization from Spring to Autumn, then biweekly 1/2 - 1/4 of the dosage suggested on the package.

You can grow it in a 4" basket, bare root if you have high humidity and water them daily. Or you can plant it in a 6" baskets with moss or clay pot with extra large New Zealand bark. This will keep moisture around the roots so you don't have to water daily.

Pot size: Medium, large plant in 4" basket 
Flower size: 2.2 inches (5.5 cm)
Color(s): white, pink with red lip 
Bloom: Blooming size 
Bloom Season: Spring, Summer
Plant tall: 10"– 14" not including roots
Temperature: Warm (55º – 90º F)
Light Level: High, very bright indirect light
Water: Keep moist and slightly dry between watering
Fertilizer: Heavy feeder. Often 2 - 3 times a week or at least every week