Sarcochilus (Neon Glow xCherie 'Siren') – Rosy Red

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Sarcochilus (Neon Glow x Cherie 'Siren'), native to Australia, are easy to grow and bloom either indoors or outside. They can grow from warm to cool, preferring moist, shady, breezy conditions but can handle cold (reduce watering) and fairly hot temperatures (water more, every 2 or 3 days during summer). Although flowers are commonly found as white with pink or red spots, this variety is nearly solid rosy pink to red.

Pot size: 4" pot 
Plant size: Blooming size 
Color(s): Magenta, Pink - Red

Bloom Season: Spring
Temperature: Warm – Cool 
Humidity: 40%-60%
Light Level: Low – Medium
Water: Keep moist. Reduce water when it's cold.
Fertilizer: half teaspoon of 20-20-20 every week from February to November
Air circulation: Strong