Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley'

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Butterfly orchid – Oncidium (Psychopsis) Mariposa 'Green Valley' (Psychopsis papilio x Psychopsis Kalihi)
Psychopsis are unusual in that they can bloom nonstop for 5-15 years on the same flower stem. They have one flower per stem but will develop numerous stems as the plant gets larger. Never cut the flower spikes even if you should accidentally break one as they can branch below the break and continue to flower. The flowers last about three weeks before falling off and within another three weeks or so, another bud opens and repeats the process. They are easy and grow best a bit crowded, but prefer new mix — repot every year or so, but don't overpot. Water regularly in spring to fall. Reduce watering in the winter and let pot dry between waterings. 

Pot size: 3.5" – 4"
Plant size: 12" PLUS
Color(s): Yellow, Orange and Red
Bloom: YES it's in Spikes
Bloom Season: ALL YEAR
Temperature: Intermediate-Warm (55º–85ºF)
Light Level: Medium
Water: Keep moist & can be slightly dry out between watering
Fertilizer: Every watering with half strength of 20-20-20 in Spring – Fall
Air circulation: strong