Pleurothallis truncata – Species Ecuador

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Pleurothallis truncata Ecuador a gorgeous member of this genus, clumping growth habit with wiry 6" stems supporting a single leathery elongated spade-like 3" leaf, multiple spikes emerge from the sheath at the leaf base, these 3" to 4" spikes usually lay on top of the leaf and produce a cascade of blooms over its edge, each chain of many globular 1/8" flowers is brilliant orange, resembles a beautiful string of bright orange BB's, winter/spring bloomer. A lovely miniature species! 

Pot size: 3"
Plant size: 5”-7”
Flower size: 1/8" (0.33 cm)
Color(s): orange
Bloom: Blooming size
Bloom Season: Spring 
Temperature: Cool (40º–70ºF)
Light Level: Low – Shade
Water: Keep moist all the time
Fertilizer: Little every 2 weeks
Air circulation: Medium