Pendant Cymbidium x gammieanum (elegans x erythraeum) – Early Bloom

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Cymbidium x gammieanum. This species is a natural hybrid between the species parents of C. elegans × C. erythraeum. Blooms in the late summer and early fall on a basal, decurved, shorter than the leaves, 25 to 43" long, pendant, 15 to 20 flowered inflorescence with minute floral bracts. 

This plant makes for a great hanging basket specimen as they get larger. Flowering time is from February until May in the cool weather. This is a 3-4 bulbs previous bloom division from our Mother plant. Please note plant may not be in bloom by the time it ships due to the pendant spikes. This is unusual 

Pot size: 6" pot 
Plant size: 12”-24” – 3-5 bulbs
Color(s): Yellow, green with red spots
Flower Size 2.5 to 3" [6.25 to 7.5 cm]
Bloom: Blooming size 
Bloom Season: Late Summer, Fall – Winter
Temperature: Cool 
Light Level: Medium – High 
Air circulation: Strong 
Water: Keep moist & cool. Reduce water when it's cold.
1/2 teaspoon of 20-20-20 every week from Spring to Summer. Adding blooming fertilizer from July to October