Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS – Chocolate Fragrant!

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In spike Oncidium Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance' AM/AOS (Onc. Jamie Sutton x Onc. Honolulu). Perhaps the most famous and beloved of all Oncidium hybrids to date. Sharry Baby is famous for its fantastic chocolate scent, which is strongest in the morning to early afternoon. These are easy to grow compared to most Oncidium, and have very tall spikes reaching over 3 feet long. The spikes branch and can have between 75 to 150 flowers per spike.

The variety 'Sweet Fantasy' received Award of Merit from American Orchid Society. This Oncidium is easy to grow and bloom with lots of maroon-red flowers with white lip which can last 6-9 weeks. Husky plant, usually puts out a show by itself!

Pot size: 5"– 6" pot 
Plant size: Large plant, tall spikes
Fragrant: Yes. Chocolate smell!
Color(s): Maroon red with White lip

Bloom: Blooming size or spiking
Bloom Season: Spring & Fall 
Temperature: Cool – Warm (50º–85ºF)
Light Level: Medium bright light
Water: Keep moist & water when media reaching to dryness in Winter
Fertilizer: every time you water from Spring to Fall
Air circulation: Medium