Lc. Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' HCC, CCE/AOS

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Lc. Santa Barbara Sunset 'Showtime' is an all time favorite orchid. Blooms in Spring with cluster of 3-5 flowers  (3.5"–4" diameter) on tall spike with a subtle orange, salmon pink and purple lip. We enjoy growing these with Laelia anceps outdoors under 50% shade in Northern California all year round. It can make a nice specimen when establish. 


Pot Size: 5" or bare root
Blooming Size: YES, blooms in Spring & Fall
Temp: Intermediate to Cool (40ºF-85ºF) 
Light: Medium, bright light or 50% shade
Watering: moist from Spring to Fall. Reduce water in Winter
FertilizerRegular feeding with a balanced fertilizer from Spring to Fall