Fragrant Dendrochilum formosanum – Necklace Orchid

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Fragrant Dendrochilum formosanum (Ddc. uncatum) is a charming species native to Philippines, Taiwan. Very easy to grow and bloom. It quickly grows into a specimen sized plant. Ddc. formosanum in the same conditions as our Phalaenopsis, as it takes the same light and temperature. The perfect companion plant for Phalaenopsis in your home. This species prefers dappled light and regular watering and fertilizing - enough to keep roots moist, but never soggy. 

Pot size: 4"
Plant size: 5”-7”
Flower size: 3/8" 
Color(s): yellow, green
Bloom: Blooming size
Bloom Season: Fall – Winter
Temperature: Cool, Intermedite to Warm (50º–80ºF)
Light Level: Low – Shade
Water: Keep moist
Humidity: 50%–60%
Fertilizer: Little every 2 weeks
Air circulation: Medium