Dendrobium victoria-reginae ('Blues Brothers' x 'Royal Blue') – Dark Blue

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Dendrobium victoria-reginae ('Blues Brothers' x 'Royal Blue') – Found in the Philippines – A cool to cold species growing epiphyte always growing with it's roots in moss, deep shade and with plenty of air movement and have pendulous, basally branching, nodaly swollen stems enveloped by persistent sheaths and carrying to 12, oblong or lanceolate, papery, acute to acuminate leaves. They need to be kept evenly humid and moist throughout the year and bloom almost at any time but the strongest bloom is in May-June on very short, erect, 1 to 3 flowered racemes with paleaceous, oblong, acute bracts and color variable flowers that do not open well occuring in clusters that arise from both of the older leafless canes and new canes.

These flowers are the dark blue with a very nice shape and can last from six to nine weeks in a cool condition.

NOTE: This Dendrobium generally drop all of their leaves and bloom on bare canes. It is normal for these plants to lose leaves just before or while they are flowering.

Pot Size: 4" with 4 or more canes about 10"-16" tall
Blooming Size: YES 
Color: Dark purple blue
Temp: Intermediate to cold
Light: Medium shade
Watering: Moist all the time