Dendrobium auriculatum–Fragrant Species–4 Season Bloomer

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Dendrobium auriculatum –  also called as The Eared Dendrobium. This cool to warm growing Philippine species stays fairly compact, a bit like a miniature bamboo and in the right condition can become a large plant reaching to 32" heigh. The older canes may lose their leaves but may continue to flower on both new and old canes. It can flower nearly year round, with long lasting inch and a half to two and half inch white flowers with an attractive green center, purple veins and a delightful Jasmine fragrance. These plants like moist conditions at the roots and good humidity but slightly dry out in the winter. 
We are offering these Den. auriculatum in large blooming size (10 to 16 growths) and in bloom! A great species, easy growing to add to any collection!

Pot Size: 4"  
Flower Size: 
 1.5" –2.5" 
Fragrant: Jasmine fragrance
Plant size: 12"– 18"
Colors: White with green center & purple veins
Blooming Size: Bloom all year round
Temp: Warm to Cool (45º–95ºF)
Light: Shade to Bright filtered light
Watering: Keep moist (Let dry lightly in the winter)
Fertilizer: 1/2 teaspoon 18-18-18 with 1 gallon water every week from Spring to Fall
Humidity: Medium to high (50%-80%)