Cymbidium (floribundum x Yamanashi Liberty) Splash & Variegated

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Cym. (floribundum x Yamanashi Liberty) has very showy flowers with splash petals and variegated leaf — Long lasting flowers that are about two-inches in size. This plant makes for a great hanging basket specimen as they get larger. Flowering time is from March through May. Very nice plant to add to your Variegated/Splash Cymbidium collection.

Pot size: 5"–6" pot or bare root shipping per requirement
Plant size: 15”-28”, 3-4 bulb division from Mother Plant
Color(s): Green with white splash petals and variegated leaf
Bloom size: YES 
Bloom Season: Spring
Temperature: Warm – Cool 
Light Level: Medium – High 
Air circulation: Strong 
Water: Keep moist & cool. Reduce water when it's cold.
1/2 teaspoon of 20-20-20 every week from Spring to Summer. Adding blooming fertilizer from July to November