Cymbidium Pink Lady 'M' – Petal Peloric

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Cym. Pink Lady 'M' – A very delicate pink petal peloric cymbidium. It usually starts to bloom from February to May with 6-12 four inches medium soft pink flowers on upright spikes. The plant we offer is blooming size division from our Mother Plant in a gallon pot.  Special plant for Cymbidium Lovers!

Pot size: 1 gallon pot
Plant size: Blooming size
Color(s): Pink, yellow, white, red spots
Bloom season: Late WInter – Spring
Air circulation: Strong 
Temperature: Intermediate – Cool 
Light Level: Medium – High
Water: Keep moist. Reduce water when it's cold.
Fertilizer: 1/2 teaspoon of 20-20-20 every week from Spring to Summer. Adding blooming fertilizer 6- 25-25 from July to November