Cym. Pepper's Fire 'Fiesta' – Petals Peloric

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Cym. Pepper's Fire 'Fiesta' (Claude Pepper x Winter Fire) – A very nice peloric! Multiple growths! Red flowers have a light lip with maroon markings, repeated on the petals. Very pretty, received the Cymbidium Beauty Trophy at the 1999 Santa Barbara show.

Early spiking for December!

Pot size: 5" – 6" pot
Plant size: Blooming size
Color(s): Pink, red, yellow, white
Bloom season: Winter to Early Spring 
Air circulation: Strong 
Temperature: Intermediate – Cool 
Light Level: Medium – High
Water: Keep moist. Reduce water when it's cold.
Fertilizer: 1/2 teaspoon of 20-20-20 every week from Spring to Summer. Adding blooming fertilizer from July to November