Coelogyne usitana – The "Bird in Flight" Orchid – Rare Species

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Coelogyne usitana – Species Philippines. Sometimes called the "Bird in Flight" Orchid. Perhaps one of the most beautiful of the Coelogyne. The flower opens with very dark lip colors and then it fades to lighter colors in the orange, rusty red/orange. The petals and sepals range from a very light green to almost white. The spike generally produces one flower at a time but every three weeks or so it produces another flower on the same spike. The inflorescence can bear 20-30 or more flowers over a long period of time, with only one or two blooms open at a time. The flowers are about 2.5" to 3" in diameter and face the downward, possibly to shield the bloom from rain. The color contrast in the flowers is rare in the genus. Vigorous plant in spike 

Pot Size: 4" pot 
Fragrant: YES  
Flower Size: 2"-3", sequential bloomer
Color: Green, dark brown, orange
Blooming Size: YES, blooms in 4 seasons

Temp: Intermediate to Warm (50ºF – 85ºF) 
Light: Bright light to 70% shade
Watering: Keep moist from Spring to Fall. Slightly dry in Winter.
FertilizerRegular feeding with a balanced fertilizer from Spring to Fall