Coelogyne Memoria Wilhelm Micholitz – Fragrant

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Coelogyne Memoria Wilhelm Micholitz – This hybrid is dominated by the Coelogyne mooreana and the result is an intermediate-grower with large white flowers, very reminiscent of Coelogyne mooreana, produced in succession during a fairly long blooming period. As in most cases the Coelogyne mooreana genes come through very strongly and greatly improve the flowering habit of Coel. lawrenceana (which normally produces 2 or 3 sequentially opening flowers).

This is a really desirable fragrant orchid and will give great pleasure to any owner.

Pot Size: 3–4 bulb division in 4" pot 
Fragrant: YES  
Flower Size: 4 inches, 2 or 3 sequentially opening flowers 
Blooming Size: YES, blooms in Spring – 
Temp: Warm – Intermediate to Cool (50ºF – 83ºF) 
Light: Bright light to 60% shade
Watering: moist from Spring to Fall. Reduce water in Winter
FertilizerRegular feeding with a balanced fertilizer from Spring to Fall