Cattleya schilleriana – Species – Fragrant

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Cattleya schilleriana is a compact fragrant Cattleya species! It is a small-growing member of the bifoliate tribe of cattleyas, which have two leaves on each pseudobulb. Mature plants of C. schilleriana are approximately 10 inches tall, individual flowers are about 4 inches across and there may be four to six flowers per inflorescence on a well-grown plant. The flowers are deliciously fragrant, waxy and have a high sheen. Petals and sepals, in varying shades of tan, brown and mahogany are overlaid with much more intensely colored spots. Perhaps the most striking feature of all is the lip, which is white with rich magenta striations. It's easy to grow and produces 4"-5" large red and fragrant flowers! Excellent color, shape, substance and texture. Usually blooms in Spring and Fall. 

Pot Size: overgrown in 4" basket & ready to transplant
Blooming Size: YES, Spring & Fall
Fragrant: Yes
Temp: warm - Intermediate - Cool
Humidity: 50%-70%
Light: Medium to Bright (filtered)
Watering: Moist but can be dry out between watering