Brassavola cucullata – Species, Fragrant!

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Brassavola cucullata – Species. An elegant, easy to grow Brassavola that has a very wide distribution throughout South and Centra America. The flowers are usually about 5 inches in diameter, and range in colors from a greenish to white, to yellow with brown markings. In order to attract the appropriate moth for pollination, the Brassavolas release their citrus scents in the evening.

Grows best on cork slabs with semi-humid to humid environments. It can also grow well in pots with medium bark. Basket-grown Brassavola can quickly outgrow their original basket and form a specimen plant that completely covers the original container. Don't bother repotting or remounting larger Brassavola, but feel free to take divisions and rapidly multiply your plant stock.

Brassavolas prefer light that is similar to the Cattleya orchids light requirements: bright light, but no direct sun. if you have a light meter, anywhere from 2000-3000 foot candles is ideal. 
Brassavola are fast-growing orchids and will quickly begin to yield divisions to increase your collection or make your orchid-loving friends very happy. 

Pot Size: 3" or bare root
Blooming Size: YES, bloom anytime of the year
Temp: Intermediate to warm (50ºF-85ºF) 
Light: Medium, bright light or 50% shade
Watering: moist from Spring to Fall. Reduce water in Winter
FertilizerRegular feeding with a balanced fertilizer from Spring to Fall

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