Arpophyllum alpinum – The hyacinth orchid

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Arpophyllum alpinum –The hyacinth orchid

Found in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua at elevations of 1900 to 2200 meters as a small sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte that blooms in the spring and early summer on  4" flower spikes that appear from a sheath at the base of the leaf in spring or winter; many tiny brilliant hot pink flowers are densely arranged in a 3" long cylinder, giving the appearance of a hyacinth. 
Less watering after it has flowered.

Pot size: 5" pot 

Plant size: 8”-12”
Flower size: 0.5" (1.75 cm)
Color(s): Bright hot pink
Bloom: Blooming size, flowering
Bloom Season: Spring & Winter
Temperature: Intermediate – Cold (50º–80ºF)
Light Level: Bright
Water: Reduce water in Winter after flowering
Fertilizer: Little every 2 weeks
Air circulation: Medium
Humidity: 50% - 60%